Information For Existing Customers

Welcome to the new Planet Applique website! Due to increasing popularity of our designs, we have upgraded our servers to give our customers a better shopping experience.  There are a few things we think you ought to know:

Old Order History

Your old order history from the old website was not imported to the new system BUT you can still access it!  Yay!  Simply visit our legacy server to view and download your old purchases.  You will need to login using your account login as it was on the old website.  If you encounter any problems logging in, please email us directly at  We are able to reset passwords and help you locate your account if you have forgotten your login information. 

Your order history prior to February 2016 will remain accessible indefinately.  We still encourage you, however, to download your designs and save them on your PC.  Sometimes computers crash and vital files can be lost. Its always a safe practice to store your valuable files online in a cloud for easy retrieval in the unfortunate event of technical difficulties with your PC.  You can get a free dropbox account which will enable you to save up to 5GB of data for free.


Logging In On the New Website

While we were able to import our customers into our new database, passwords were not transferrable. Passwords are saved in databases as a MD5 hash. Once a password has been hashed or encrypted, it cannot be reversed.  Therefore this sensitive data was not imported when we moved customers over.

If you are ordering from us on our new website and you have been a customer, you will need to go ahead and request a password reset. It would be advisable to make your new password match your old one so that you can easily access your legacy account and planet applique accounts without having to remember separate logins.  If you need help resetting your password you can read our detailed walkthrough, or you can contact us for assistence.


How Freebies or Promotional Designs Work Now

On our old website, you were not shown your freebies in the cart when checking out. We feel this confused a great deal many of you. Fortunately our new cart system will AUTOMATICALLY add any freebies you have earned with your order directly onthe checkout page with a value of 0.00.  You will be able to immediately see which freebies you are earning before you pay.


Already Purchased Warning

The new shopping cart lacks this feature. We have applied for a developer account so that we can author this feature back into our store. This was the hardest feature for us to 'give up'.  It may take time to reintegrate, as our application for access to core files is still pending. We will make every effort to reinstall this feature for our customers.


Loyalty Points

Your loyalty points were converted to store crdit when we moved to the new website. We are currently working to implement a more powerful and 'rewarding' loyalty system for our customers. We hope to deploy a new point system as soon as possible but it may take a few months.