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Who doesnt love a baby highland cow! There are almost NO sewing patterns for this animal, but now there is an in the hoop design! Clarabelle Highland Cow comes in 11 sizes for the 4x4 hoop and up.  She is made entirely in the hoop, but there is an option to add realistic oval hooves to the bottom of her legs using a sewing machine to stitch them on. She has two nose options: a simple muzzle or a sculpted (pictured) muzzle. Each hoop except for the 4x4 has both a small version with less hoopings and simple construction, or the LARGE version which requires an extra hooping but results in a much larger cow.  I made Clarabella with an option for a body wig and head wig so she can be a highland cow, however, these options can be left off for a normal cow.  There are no doll joints for her legs. She has just one doll joint to connect her head, and two small doll joints to connect her horns.  There is also an option to have the tail sewn into the body seam in the hoop, or you can attach it with a third doll joint so its not in your way during construction.  Attach a metal mini cow bell (Amazon) and adorn her horns with lovely bows and she is sure to bring a smile to your face. YOU CAN make your own highland cow on your embroidery machine!


For the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 8x8, 8x12, 10x14 hoops

- Multiple Construction options for every skill level

- Highland Cow or Regular Cow

- Monogram Ear Tags or Cute Saying Options

- 2 Sizes For Most Hoop Sizes




4x4 Hoop makes a 5" tall x 7" long cow (1/8 yard fabric)


5x7 Hoop makes a 6" tall x 7" long  OR 9" tall x 11" long cow (1/4 yard fabric)


8x8 Hoop makes a 7" tall x 9" long OR 10" tall x 12" long cow (1/3 to 1/2 yard fabric)


6x10 Hoop makes a 6" tall x 8" long OR 11" tall x 13" long cow (1/2 yard fabric)


8x12 Hoop makes a 9" tall x 11" long OR 13" tall x 15" long cow (1/2 to 3/4 yard fabric)


10x14 Hoop makes a 11" tall x 13" long OR 16" tall x 18" long cow (3/4 to 1/2 yard fabric)





Embroidery Machine

Medium Tear Away Stabilizer

Water Soluable Topper


Seam Ripper

Temporary Spray Adhesive

Minky Fabric, OR Fleece (Fabric needs a 2 way stretch)

1" - 2" Long Pile Faux Fur Remnant

1 Doll Joint for the head (Or Head can be hand sewn on with a ladder stitch)


Needle and Embroidery Machine Thread

Optional: Sewing Machine To attach 3D hooves, or new sewn on head

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