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Product Overview

Make a REAL teddy bear fully jointed in the hoop on your embroidery machine! Charlotte Bear can be made in all hoop sizes from 4x4 to 8x12 and comes with the embroidery files to create her.  Use loved ones clothing items to make a memory bear, or use minky fabric for a soft and cuddly bear. You can even use low to medium pile furs to make a more realistic type bear.  Tutorial covers stretch fabrics as well as fur fabric tips for success.  This bear comes with two kinds of leg files. You can make legs that are totally made in the hoop and are more 2-dimensional. Or you can use the other leg file that will create a partial sewn leg and then a footpad that you can attach on your sewing machine for a true bear foot look.  The choice is yours.  Turn all those beloved baby clothes into keepsake bears, or start fresh with your choice of fleece or minky and design your own teddy bear. This is a 100% made in the hoop project with the option to add footpads on your sewing machine.


4x4 Hoop creates a 10" Bear

5x7 Hoop creates a 14" Bear

6x10 Hoop creates a 17.5" Bear

8x8 Hoop creates a 19" Bear

8x12 Hoop creates a 22" Bear


Supplies Are :


Fleece, Minky, Shannon Minky, 2 Way Knits

Scotch Tape


Water Soluable Stabilizer

Poly Fil

Poly Pellets

Medium Tearaway Stabilizer

Needle and Thread

Safety Doll Joints

Optional-Sewing Machine

Optional-Safety Bear Nose


Doll Joint Sizes:


4x4 Bear uses (5) 16mm to 20mm doll joints

5x7 Bear uses (2) 30mm for arms and (3) 35mm for head and legs

6x10 Bear uses (2) 35mm for arms and (3) 45mm for head and legs

8x8 Bear uses (2) 35mm for arms and (3) 45mm for head and legs

8x12 Bear uses (2) 35mm joints for arms and (1) 45mm for head and (2) 55mm for legs


Safety Animal Nose Sizes: (Optional)


4x4 Bear uses a 14-16mm size plastic safety bear nose

5x7 Bear uses a 20-25mm size plastic safety bear nose

6x10 Bear uses a 30mm size plastic safety bear nose

8x8 Bear uses a 30mm size plastic safety bear nose

8x12 Bear uses a 35-40mm size plastic safety bear nose

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