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Valentine Applique Alphabet Font

Valentine Applique Alphabet Font Machine Embroidery Design
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
Valentine Applique Alphabet Font
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Digital Download Will Include the Following Embroidery Machine Formats:


Fonts will include the BX format as well


Enjoy this new Valentine font set!  Valentine font  comes in three sizes:  2", 3" and 5".  All fit in 4x4 or 5x7 hoops. Contains all satin edges on the letters.  In the preview of the demo shown, I skipped the satin stitching after the underlying zigzag stitched out around the letters I wished not to have the satin stitching.  The set has upper and lower case EXCEPt for letters where the uppercase and lowercase were the same. I ommited those repeats.  This font is handmade!!! It is exclusive to PA.

Also in the special font set is a SECOND ALPHABET!!!! The "Heartbreaker" Applique embroidery alphabet has all upper and lower case. It comes in sizes 2", 3" 4", and 5"!!!! I have included printout of this additional applique alphabet in the thumbnails to the left.

So when you buy this applique you will receive two fonts. Think of all the fun you'll have making "lovely" lettering crafts which your embroidery machine.  When you download the zip file, you will have both alphabets AND pillow kit files all in ONE ZIP. There will be three folders in your zip file!

Also, I'm including another freebie in this download! You will also receive the special Suitcase Valentine Pillow Kit!  This kit includes, the heart shaped latches file, the corners for the bottom of the pillow file, the handle file.  These are for the 5x7 hoop. You can use these files to create a pillow of any size you desire to make it look like a suitcase :)  I made mine (pictured) using the "Valentine" Font, a 12" x 16" pillow form, some fabric, red felt for the handle and latches, and the new free planet applique yahoo group download ( the felt suitcase monogram label) coming to our group members this month. The dangling monogrammed felt circle patch label added a nice touch to the overall look of my suitcase pillow :) 

Well, grab this alphabet and enjoy a ton of resources to make crafting for valentines day easier and brighter! File size is 11.37 MB so download may take a moment to complete.

Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7
File Types  ART : DST  :  EXP  :  HUS  :  JEF  :  PES   :  VIP  :  XXX  : SEW
Finish Size 2" (4X4)  :  3"  (4x4)  :  4" (5 x 7) : 5" (5 x 7)
Valentine Set  AaBbCDdEFfGHIJKLMNOPQqRrSTtUVWXYZ  12345672.9990?!
Heartbreaker Set
 AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz   12345672.9990?!