Understanding Planet Points

Do I Have Planet Points On My Account?

All customers who create an account or have been imported from our previous website platform are automatically given 100 points.


How Do I Earn Points?

You can earn points by purchasing applique design products on our website or from signing up.

Every $1 Spent = 5 points

New customers get 100 points to earn 20% off their first order.


How Can I See My Point Balance?

You must be logged into your account first. Then you will be able to see your point balance at the bottom of our website in the tabbed widget that looks like this:


If you are not logged into your account, you will not be able to see your balance or rewards.


I Just Made a Purchase and My Points Haven't Been Added to My Account.

It can take up to 24 hours for your points to be added after you place a new order. It may take as little as thirty minutes. The reason is because the loyalty points are saved on a separate server which is constantly updated and refreshed.


What Can Points Be Used For?

Your Planet Points can be redeemed for special coupons. The higher your point balance, the greater the discount you are able to redeem. 


How Do I Redeem My Points?

On the Planet Points Popup Panel, you can click on the 'Redeem" Link to view rewards that are available to you. From here, you can view all possible rewards and choose one or multiple redemption rewards. If your balance is low, some options may be grayed out to you.  Redeeming a reward will give you a special unique one time coupon code to use at checkout. You may use it immediately or on a future purchase.


What Kind of Rewards Can I Redeem?

We have decided to set up our points system redemption the following way:

  • 50 Points Redeems a 10% Off One Order Coupon Code
  • 100 Points Redeems a 15% Off One Order Coupon Code
  • 200 Points Redeems a 20% Off One Order Coupon Code
  • 400 Points Redeems a 30% Off One Order Coupon Code


Can I share My Coupon Code With Others?

Our rewards grant you a unique and specially coded coupon code. It may only be used once and only for your account. Its linked to your identity on our website. Once its used, you want be able to use it again, and any friends you have wont be able to use it either.


What If I Redeemed My Points and Decided Not To Purchased Right Now?

No problem!  Your unused coupons remain on your account until they are used.


If I Request a Partial of Full Refund on My Order, What Happens To Points I Earned?

Any points earned for a specific order are permanent UNLESS you request a full or partial refund. At that point our system will deduct the appropriate points for the $ amount refunded.


What If I Don't Want Planet Points?

You can opt out of our rewards program by withdrawing.  You can simply click on the "Withdrawl" link on the rewards popup panel. You will be removed from the loyalty program. We cant imagine a customer would choose this option because the benefits to you are so vast!


How Can I See a Log Of My Point Activity?

On the rewards popup panel, you are able to click on the 'History' tab or link and view every transaction both additions and subtractions, redemptions and coupons used for your account.


I Have Used My Coupon, But I Have Changed My Mind and Wish To Undo

When you use your points to redeem a coupon, it cannot be reversed. However, that reward will remain on your account and can be used on another purchase if you do not use it during checkout, or forget to use it.


What If I Am Caught Sharing Coupons of Abusing The Reward System?

Its not possible, but all your activity is recorded via IP address and email and any suspicious activity could result in being banned from the Planet Points program permanently.