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Sally Face Styles For Darling Dolls

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Who doesnt love extra face options when making cloth dolls?!  This beautiful face set includes one type of lip and eye. It also has eyeglasses built in and freckles or you can make a face without freckles or glasses.  Substitute this face in place of stock faces on your Doll. Designed to be used with the In the Hoop Darling Dolls Designs at Planet Applique and includes special registration marks to keep the face aligned on the body during sewing in the hoop. Please use at least two layers of stabilizer when stitching the face file, and slow your machine speed down. If you like, you can also spray a bit of temporary spray adhesive on the stabilizer and stick your facial fabric to the stabilizer. Then helps to provide more stability to your doll face during stitching. Use good quality threads and bobbins for optimal stitch perfection.


You Can Make:

-Face with freckles

-Face with glasses

- Face with freckles and glasses

-Face without glasses or freckles (simply skip the colors for those features to leave out)