In the Hoop Yuki Yeti Doll

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Product Overview

Our in the hoop yeti is perfect for the winter season! This little sweetie looks store bought! Features yeti horn, posable arms and head and dangling feet. Made in the hoop for the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x12 hoopers.

4x4 makes 9" Yeti

5x7 makes 14" Yeti

6x10 makes 17" Yeti

8x12 makes 22" Yeti



Embroidery Machine



Glue Gun helps with longer pile fabrics

Scotch Tape

Poly Fil

3 Doll joints

4x4 uses 16mm-20mm doll joint for head and button joints for arms

5x7 uses 20mm joints for arms, 30-35mm joint for head

6x10 uses 30-35mm joints for arms and 40-45mm joint for head

8x12 uses 35mm joint for arms and 45-50mm joint for head


Feet and legs are attached in the hoop! Comes in two versions to allow those who prefer to use a sewing machine to attach legs, or use the other version for attaching in the hoop.

Tutorial will cover some interesting ideas for making in the hoop projects using pile fabrics easier!