In the Hoop Teeny Town Pet Vet Quiet Book

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Product Overview

Make the most amazing felt quiet book themed for the Pet Vet enthusiast!  This is tri-folding book made in the hoop on your embroidery machine.  It features very interactive 3 dimensional elements that are unique and designed to keep minds and imaginations busy!

  • On the front cover, a beautifully designed street setting with 3D awning features a sliding door that displays a puppy in one scene and then a kitty when a cord is pulled.
  • On page 2, you will find an XRAY room with 3D popup booth. Use the scanning wand to take xrays and adjust the slider on the booth to make "adjustments". There is also a clock with movable hands, a table with pockets for the food bags available to the animals and shelves with bandaids, cotton balls and snacks.
  • On page 3, you will enter the Exam Room where you will find a 5 setting interactive computer screen controlled by a felt wheel that can be operated to change the image on the screen. There is an aquarium with a removable turtle, xray screen to view your xrays, a shelf with leafy plant, a pop out exam table that the pet can sit on and a deskwith 3D medical bag.
  • On page 4, pets can be placed in the critical care crate, hooked up to an IV that hangs on a collaspible hook.  The temperature can be adjusted with a cord on the critical booth to make it warmer for sick pets or cooler for pets that are too hot. There is a basket for linens and a food bowl.  Pets can receive the IV needle under their arms and be locked inside. 
  • On page 5, you will find the adoption window where a kitty puppet and doggie puppet can be operated to go up and down inside boxes in the clear window.
  • On page 6, the back cover, there is a fully lined zipper pocket to store all the pets and supplies.

This set comes with 3D felt Pet Doggie, 3D Felt Kitty and 3D pet bunny! The book comes with files to connect the pages without a sewing machine and creates a binding where the pages connect. The outter yellow binding shown is the only part of the book sewn on the machine and it is optional!


Available for Hoops:

5x7-makes a 5x7 book when folded up

6x10-makes a 6x8 book when folded up

8x8-makes a 8x8 book when folded up

8x10--makes a 8x10 book when folded up

10x10-makes a 10 x 10 book when folded up

9.5 X 14-makes a 9x12 book when folded up

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