In the Hoop Snuggle Baby 2.0

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Product Overview

About this Machine Embroidery Design:


For the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 8x8, 8x12, and 10x14 hoops! Snuggle Baby 2.0 comes with 7 arm options including short and long sleeve, straight and bent arms which can be attached with doll joints or sewn in.  FACES!! You get 72 faces with our new Snuggle Baby 2.0.  There are 11 sizes to choose from.


What's Different?

- Integrated Head


-In the Hoop Beanie Included

-Engineered sculpted 3D "Bum"

-Thumbed hands

-Short and Long sleeve, Bent or straight arms


Chest Designs include an apple, crown, cherries, ice cream cone, and butterfly


Size Information:

4x4 makes a 9" Tall Snuggle Baby 2.0

5x7 makes a 10" SMALL or a 12" LARGE Snuggle Baby 2.0

6x10 makes a 14" SMALL or a 16" LARGE Snuggle Baby 2.0

8x8 makes a 11" SMALL or a 13" LARGE Snuggle Baby 2.0

8x12 makes a 17" SMALL or a 20" LARGE Snuggle Baby 2.0

10x14 makes a 19" SMALL or a 24" LARGE Snuggle Baby 2.0




Embroidery Machine

Medium Tear Away Stabilizer

Water Soluable Topper


Temporary Spray Adhesive

Minky Fabric, OR Fleece (Fabric needs a 2 way stretch)

Doll Jersey like De Witte Engel AND a lining jersey

Jersey 2 Way Stretch fabric in a patterned print for the included beanie

Optional: Faux Fur for the Wig

Optional: Kam Snaps for the chest


Needle and Embroidery Machine Thread

Doll Joints (optionally for the arms)



Our embroidery machine formats include:










You will receive all the sizes and all of the embroidery machine formats with your purchase, so that if you ever upgrade your machine, or change brands, there is no need to re-purchase past embroidery designs from our website. We give you everything you need regardless or format or size with every design we offer on our website.


Basic applique instructions for our simple stitch embroidery designs are as follows:

1)  The Red lines show you where to place your applique fabric pieces, and the colored lines will stitch the fabric in place. For best results, we recommend using a light weight fusible interfacing on the back side of applique fabric pieces used in an embroidery design. An example of this would be heat-n-bond lite.

2) After each fabric piece is stitched down, you will then use small curved scissors to trim very close to the tack down line to remove excess fabric.

3) Repeat this for each piece of fabric in the design.

4) Lastly, you might have some embroidery elements to stitch out, like eyes, mouth, or wording.  We combine colors logically so reduce the number of times you will have to change out your thread color. For example, if the design is of a kitty cat, we would combine the inside of the ear with the nose of the cat making them both pink.  It is possible, however, to stop your machine after one element and change the thread should you rather have the kitty cat nose be brown, for instance.

We follow this general template for creating our designs so that you are getting all the fabric down at the beginning and can relax and do other things while the majority of the stitching is being done toward the end.  We feel this is the most efficient use of your time embroidering.


Basic applique instructions for our sketch filled embroidery designs are as follows:

1) There is no fabric used in these types of designs, only thread.

2) Stitch each color of the design to complete it.

3) Similiar elements are often combined when its logical to do so to reduce the number of thread changes.

4) The stitching on our sketch filled embroidery designs are low density to reduce time and materials. They are not totally filled in with a lot of stitching like many other embroidery designs available online. The stitching is still sufficient to make your design stand out on your project.


About Sizing

Because our embroidery designs come in multiple sizes, we do not recommend resizing our designs. Resizing a design can result in unpredictable results. When you resize a design, for example a PES file, and make it smaller, the thread count will not change proportionately. Some machine will try to fit the same number of stitches but now in a smaller footprint which can result in strange jumping, alignment issues, thread breakage, tension issues and needle breaks. The same issues can occur if you make an embroidery design larger.  Embroidery designs are not vectorized. They cannot be enlarged or shrunk down and still stitch out in the same quality as was originally digitized. And this is why our embroidery designs come in multiple sizes. We try to do most of the work for you so that you have several sizes to choose from depending on your project but without the work and worry of trying to resize it yourself.


Free Embroidery Designs:

If you would like to try out one of our designs, we offer free embroidery designs on our website and offer free designs on our homepage monthly. Be sure to keep an eye out for these free machine embroidery designs so you can build up your library.