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In the Hoop Puppy Set

In the Hoop Puppy Set Machine Embroidery Design
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
In the Hoop Puppy Set
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In the Hoop Puppy Set Machine Embroidery Design
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This adorable in the hoop puppy set comes with files to make the puppy posh carrier, the soft toy bone, the treat bag and bone treats, and the puppy! Puppy can TURN ITS HEAD, and you can use magnets in the mouth and bone toy to make it magnetic!  This puppy can be made entirely WITH NO SEWING WHATSOEVER!  In my example, I chose to do the button joints because I enjoy the look of them. This can be skipped. Learn how with this set and transfer your knowledge over to the kitty set and the doll set! Available for the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 8x10 and 8x12 hoops! Actual sewing time is REALLY short with roughly 3-4 minutes per hooping.

-Embroidery Machine
-Stabilizer: any kind but also light weight Water Soluable if using faux fur on the puppy
-Permanent Fabric Glue (Beacon Fabri-Tac)
-Steam a Seam Lite 2 -9x12 (5) Sheet Pack-optional
-Steam a Seam Lite 2 seam tape-optional
-Ribbon: (2) 12" x 1"
-8 sets of snaps 16mm: 16 caps, 8 females, 8 males
-Snap Pliers
-Seam Ripper
-Upholstery Thread and 5" Doll Needle OR  (5) 35-20mm doll joints
-Optional (4) 1/2"-1" diameter 2 hole sewing buttons if sewing buttons joints for legs
-Fabrics : felt, regular fabric, faux fur
- 8" x 4" piece of pvc vinyl
-(2) round small craft magnets-optional

Video tutorial is coming to youtube very soon. Please don't forget to download the four part written tutorial PDF files if you havent already.
Doll joints are available at hobby lobby and are sold in packs of 2 sets per pack for one dollar. They are sold in the aisle where the doll parts are. Leather is also in that aisle.
Read the written tutorial in full before beginning so that you can understand the sequence, make notes for yourself, and plan ahead.
Please note that the puppy set can be made entirely with NO SEWING whatsoever if you have doll joints and a way to close seams without a needle and thread such as fabric glue or steam a seam lite tape. What you learn in this tutorial about attaching legs can be used on the KITTY and the DOLL set as well!!  Why didnt I think of it before .... sigh!
Special note for 4x4 hoopers:
On the pupper carrier part 3 file, the short ends of the panel do not have a trapezoid die line like the rest of the sizes do and like your puppy carrier part 1 file has. This is because of size
restrictions. In order to make the puppy set a bit larger, I left off that extra die line or margin. Please line up the side panels directly to the ends of your part 3 file.
if sewing the 4x4, use minky fabric or stretch knits to help you turn the small parts.
Also if sewing the 4x4, if you can find tiny doll joints for attaching the legs please do so if you choose. Use a 20mm doll joint to attach the head to the body.
When snaps are called for on the carrier, feel free to use an alternative due to size restrictions like velcro or steam a seam lite tape.
On the 4x4, don't worry about stuffing the ears, the tail, or the muzzle of the puppy. Everything will be small. You may also just use felt on the ears so that you do not have to turn it at all and instead of putting fabric on the top side of the hoop to cover the ears and tail for the final tack down, put that fabric on the REVERSE side of the hoop, right side facing OUT and that way you dont have to turn the ears and tail.That should make things significantly easier for you.
Use 1/2" ribbon or smaller for the handle of your carrier.
Special note for 8x10 and 8x12 hoopers:
Use a larger diameter doll joint on the head. there is a 45mm doll joint also  on amazon that will provide better support for the head, but in a pinch, don't stress if you can't find it. Hobby lobby carries 20mm and 35 mm doll points that are sold 2 sets in a pack for a dollar.

This embroidery design includes a printable sewing help file jpg image that displays the full color step sequence.


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