In The Hoop Pepper The Horse

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Meet Pepper the Horse! She is made 100% in the hoop on your embroidery machine! Pepper comes with 6 different patch designs for the face, 8 different eye styles, 8 different construction methods to suit your skill, and either a doll joint attached head OR the option to sew the head on. Her legs are made part of her body in the hoop! A sewing machine will be needed if you decide to make the 3D hooves with the horseshoes on the bottom of her feet, but its not required. The horses pictured here were made both made in the 6x10 hoop! Think of all the customization you can utilize to create your very own horse!




4x4 hoop makes a 5" tall x 7" long horse

5x7 hoop makes a 7" tall x 9" long horse OR 9" tall x 11" long horse

6x10 hoop makes a 8" tall x 10" long horse OR 12" tall x 14" long horse

8x8 hoop makes a 10" tall x 12" long horse OR 10" tall x 12" long horse

8x12 hoop makes a 11"tall x 13" long horse OR 13" tall x 15" long horse

10x14 hoop makes a 12" tall x 14" long horse OR 16" tall x 18" long horse





Embroidery Machine

Medium Tear Away Stabilizer

Water Soluable Topper


Seam Ripper

Scotch Tape

Temporary Spray Adhesive

Minky Fabric, OR Fleece (Fabric needs a 2 way stretch)

1 Doll Joint for the head (Or Head can be hand sewn on with a ladder stitch)


Yarn or Synthetic Doll Hair Wefts, thin strips of minky, fleece or jersey, OR thin strip of faux fur for the mane

Needle and Embroidery Machine Thread

Optional:  Dr Schols Medical Moleskin Adhesive Bandage material

Optional: Beeswax crayon, blush makeup, or Panpastel for the cheek color.

Optional: Sewing Machine To attach 3D hooves

Optional: Pentel Fabric Dye Sticks to add markings