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In this in the hoop project, you can make a kitty, kitty carrier, kitty bed and pillow, kitty treats, kitty fish toy, and zipper pull! The project is made entirely in the hoop except for attaching the legs which is done with thread, buttons, and a long needle. Its very easy especially following along with our tutorial. This project is for 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, and 8x10 hoops. The smaller 4x4 hoop size will be tricky as you turn the legs and fabric. Minky or faux fur is highly recommended for the kitty! Here are some supplies you need and more information.


** The yarn ball and the feather stick toy are not part of the tutorial, but you can make them easily
1. For the feather stick, use a wooden kitchen skewers, a piece of embroidery yarn or floss and a couple of feathers. Tie the string to the end of the stick and the other end of the string to the feathers.
2. For the yarn ball, use a large bead, a small 1" styrofoam ball, or other small round object. Glue yarn to the ball shape with hot glue or fabric glue. Then begin wrapping the round object with yarn, changing directions periodically, use a dab of glue when changing directions to hold the yarn so it doesnt slip.  Make it big enough that it is not a choking hazard to small children or pets. When you are satisfied, make a knot by feeding the loose thread through a wound section on the ball and then tieing a self tightening knot. Leave a 5" tail of yarn and snip.

-Embroidery Machine
-Stabilizer, any
-Fabric: minky or faux fur(best choice), regualr fabric, wool felt or jersey knit
-(4) 1/2" 2 hole buttons for the 5x7 hoop and larger OR (4) 1/4" 2 hole buttons for the 4x4 hoop
-5" Doll needle or longer needle
-Upholstery Thread
-Poly Fil
-(1) 5" long section of 1/8" wide ribbon for the fish shaped zipper pull
-(8) 10" long sections of 1/4" or 1/2" ribbon for the bed
-Scotch Tape
-Water Soluable Stabilizer if using faux fur or minky fabric
-A small piece of clear PVC vinyl
-Steam a Seam 2 tape in 1/2" width for closing the bed pillow seam OR Beacon Fabri-Tac permanent glue to close the seam on the bed pillow

-Iron to set the Steam a Seam
-15" zipper for the 8x10, 9" zipper for 5x7, 6x10, and 7" zipper for 4x4
-Seam Ripper
-Snap Pliers

-(16) Sets of Snaps for closure and Snap Pliers
-(2) 12" long sections of 1" wide ribbon

Optional for kitty yarn ball and feather stick:

-Wooden Kitchen Skewer

-embroidery floss 10"

-craft feathers

-a large bead

-fabric glue

-thin yarn

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