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In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll

In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll Machine Embroidery Design
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
In the Hoop Holly 18inch Doll
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Fonts will include the BX format as well


Meet our newest doll from Planet Applique!  In the Hoop 18" Holly Doll is made entirely inthe hoop on your embroidery machine. This doll is made to resemble many popular 18" dolls on the market, but now you can make your own tween doll. She is going to be fun to dress and make! For the 5x7 hoop and up! I also teach you how to add options to your doll such as wire armatures the easy way so that she is posable, and how to add false eyelashes to her face for a more 3D look. Very simple to make on your machine. Total time: 3 hours. Comes with 20+ page color PDF and step by step sewing tutorials on our youtube channel.  The wardrobe is a separate purchase, as well as the suitcase.


5x7 Hoop Makes a 16" Doll AND 18" Doll with extra tutorial. If 16" doll then use a 8-9" doll wig.

6x10, 8x8, and 8x12 Hoops Make a 18" Doll and uses a 11" doll wig


Supplies Are :


Scotch Tape



Wooden Stuffing Stick

Doll Jersey: I recommend De Witte Engel or any of the knit fabrics from Weir Crafts. They carry excellent quality stuff and I'm highly impressed and they ship internationally. You need 1/2 yard to make an 18" doll


Something For Hair: The doll will come with a yarn wig file to make a yarn wig, and a wig cap that you can sew in the hoop and attach wefts of hair you purchase to it to make your own wig. You can also purchase a premade wig made for an American Girl style doll. This would need to be a 11" wig. There are many many available through sellers on Etsy and if budget is of concern, Aliexpress has some as well as Amazon! The wig I am using is from Exquisite Doll Designz on Etsy. I got 40% off my order, so it looks like she runs sales from time to time.


Fleece or a High Quality Interlock knit for lining your doll. 1/2 yard. This makes your seams more stable.


Doll Joints: the 18" doll take (3) 35mm doll joints for the head and the arms and (2) 45mm doll joints for the legs. The 16" doll will use (3) 30mm doll joints for the head and the arms and (2)35mm doll joints for the legs.


Scissors, stabilizer (tear away), scotch tape, seam ripper, needle and thread, polyfil also are needed to make the doll.


If you wish to do optional steps like adding the armatures and eyelashes and little touches you will also need:


Aluminum wire is traditionally used to make bendable armatures. I used 12gauge wire or 2mm thick. I bought a small roll of it. I would just get 10 feet minimum.


Pliers to cut the wire and shape


Cut up t-shirt scrap 30" x 1" for each armature to pad it


hot glue gun to secure loose cloth scrap


I used Eyelure brand false lashes in No.20 natural for adding real lashes to the doll.


Gem Tac Glue and a toothpick. This glue is used to glue the lashes to the eye line. It hold extremely well, dries clear and quickly. I dont recommend any other glue at this point without having testing it. Do not use E6000. I did try that and it dries so slow and goopy.


Tweezers to hold the lashes while you apply it.


Baby safe earrings (hard to remove, shorter stem)


Prisma Color pencil from hobby lobby in light umber or dark umber color to draw freckles on if you prefer that to embroidered freckles.


Blush for the cheeks. I use real blush but a doll crayon works too