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In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set

In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set Machine Embroidery Design
In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set
In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set
In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set
In The Hoop Beatrice Bunny Set
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Fonts will include the BX format as well


Make your own Easter Bunny!  This cute bunny has jointed head and arms and a BIG fluffy tail! I show you how to make it all from start to finish in the full color tutorial. She comes with in the hoop made easter dress, stuffed eggs (or use plastic eggs), a real Easter basket, and magnet carrot. The arms are magnetized so she can hold her basket, her carrot or say her prayers.

4x4 Size makes a 7" Bunny-uses 20mm doll joint for head and button joints for the arms

5x7 size makes a 11" Bunny- uses 20mm joints for arms and a 30mm joint for the head

6x10 size makes a 14" Bunny-uses 30mm joints for the arms and a 40-45mm joint for the head

8x12 size makes a 17" Bunny-uses 30-35mm joints for the arms and 40-50mm joint for the head


PLEASE NOTE: Part 2 of tutorial will be uploaded MArch 27th. This part cover making the dress and basket items.




Scotch Tape

Hot Glue Gun

White Yarn

Shannon Minky Fabric (I used Latte color)

fabric and felt or vinyl scraps for dress bodice and the handle of the basket

Doll Joints-see above for sizes


Needle and Thread for closing joints and attaching tail

3 small rare earth magnets for magnetizing the hands and the carrot

Paper plate for strengthening the bottom of the basket

Steam a seam sheet (fusible stabilizer) for making dress fabric non-fraying

Clover Fusible Gathering Tape to create the ruffles on her dress

Hemostats for turning body parts

Ink Pen for tracing a circular object (the base of a cone of thread)

Two sticky velcro dots to close the back of the dress

Easter grass to stuff the basket