Getting Started With Embroidery

Getting Started With Embroidery

Deciding to start machine embroidery is much like any other hobby, business, or notion. It all begins with R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H. There are so many new things to learn when you ponder getting into a new venture. 

Here are some easy steps to get you started:

1) Consider Your Goal

Are you wanting to just dabble with some fill stitched designs? Are you wanting to do quilting? Do you want to do in the hoop projects?  Are you wanting to start a new business?

What are you wanting to DO with an embroidery machine? Because, what you end up doing with it will determine the type of machine you need, and the factoring of costs associated. There is no need to buy a 10 needle embroidery machine if you simply want to do quilting in the hoop. And there is no need in skimping on the machine you really need to be purchasing if you plan on starting a business with high volume. So first, thing is first, determine the end results you are after.

2) Consider the Type of Machine You Need

You may not even own a sewing machine, but would love to have one in addition to an embroidery machine. This means looking at combo embroidery/sewing machine models rather than embroidery only models. Some machines do both sewing and embroidery.

Maybe you want to do 99% onesies and very small items or shirt lapels? You may not need a big expensive machine to do this. An embroidery machine with a smaller hoop may satisfy your needs. Or maybe you wish to do pillows, curtains, and home decor? You will benefit from having a larger machine with a larger hoop to tackle bigger projects where you need a bigger design to put on display. Some ladies may want to do jerseys, bags, totes, school uniforms and children's clothing. They would benefit most from a multi-needle embroidery machine that can handle more frequent embroidery, save time on changing out thread colors, and hooping quickly and move along in their work day in the craft room.

Single Needle Machine
Multi-Needle Machine
Combo Sew/Emb Machine
Home Decor
Small Items

3) Consider The Supplies

Doing simple shirt lapels would be less demanding in terms of replenishing supplies because your projects will be small. You would be consuming less of your resources to accomplish each project.  However, you may want to venture into interesting in the hoop projects to push the limits of your machine and so sometimes projects may mean more supplies. Common supplies that embroidery machine users purchase:

One Time Purchase
Embroidery Machine
Spray Adhesive

This is not by any means an exhaustive list. You will constantly find things that will speed your work flow or help you get organized or to work more efficiently.

Jan 3rd 2019

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