JUNE 2023

Available with Emily Elephant's release was the Baby Snuggle Elephant. This bonus design was exclusive to reward loyal customers. The design features a unique twist on our popular Snuggle Babies with its in the hoop attached head.

JUNE 2023

When customers purchased our Emily Elephant or spent $20 on other designs, they received our exclusive baby gosling. This in the hoop baby goose features simple construction and is easy to make.  Baby Gosling makes a perfect companion to our Greta Goose plush that was also released with Emily Elephant


When customers purchased Pepper the Horse directly or spent $20 on other designs on our website, one of the bonus designs they received was the exclusive horse saddle, halter, lead and blanket along with accessory parts to create a unicorn or pegasus.



When customers directly purchased our Snuggle Babies or placed a $20 order during our Winter sales event, they received our exclusive limited edition In the Hoop Christmas Elves, Jingle and Jangle. These elves came with doll jointed arms or sewn in arms and 2d or 3d shoe options.


October of 2022

Baby William released with an exclusive bonus set that included 2 in the hoop baby knot top beanies, an in the hoop bassinet, a puppy lovey, a bunny lovey, and a bear lovey.

August of 2022

Our in the hoop monkey Mina plush released late summer with an exclusive matching swaddle monkey baby named Misha! Our limited edition in the hoop baby monkey featured a unique construction for creating a 3D realistic newborn monkey

May of 2022

When Luna Kitty was released, we gave our loyal customers these three adorable in the hoop flopsy friends!  The Bunny, Kitty and Puppy designs featured 3D feet made in the hoop.

February of 2022

For the release of Starla, our in the hoop penguin, we gifted our customers with this adorable flippable baby penguin design. It could be turned one way to be an egg, and flipped inside out to "hatch" into a cute baby penguin!

Christmas of 2021

Our Christmas events are infamous with customers looking forward to it all year. In 2021, when customers made a purchase, they received this precious Baby Blitzen Reindeer and matching Reindeer Stable! What a wonderful reward!

Fall of 2021

When customers purchased Opal Otter on our website during its debut release, they were rewarded with a cute matching baby otter and starfish plush as a limited edition design.

Summer of 2021

When customers purchased our in the hoop Vet Pet Quiet Book during its release, they were rewarded with an in the hoop ambulance and matching unicorn and dragon feltie pets.

March of 2021

Those who purchased Lenore the Lamb during her release where gifted Shelba the baby sheep also made in the hoop!

September of 2020

When Drako Dragon was released, we rewarded customers who purchased with a Bailey the Baby Dragon who featured an open mouth to eat his fish treats. There were also 6 bonus pages for the dragon manual, a special runic font and additional faces.

All of these Exclusive designs were limited edition and will not be listed for sale on our website in the future. As you can see, we generously reward our customers for buying during new releases. We plan to keep doing this in the future! Please don't miss out on future new releases! You never know what goodies could await you!