Introducing ITH Pet Vet Quiet Book

Magically Designed

-Unique Trifold Design with pages connected in your embroidery hoop

-Adoption Window features operational puppets can you can move up and down in their boxes safely behind the glass.

-Fully lined zipper pocket stores all pieces and pets.

-Front Cover has a 3D awning.

-Change the kitty to a doggie in the doorway with a simple cord pull

Learn About Our Pet Vet Quiet Book

An amazing 6 panel cloth quiet book made in the hoop on your embroidery machine with 3D interactivity that will keep them dazzled for hours!  On sale now for $29.99 $18.99!

Comes with 3D Pet Doggie, Kitty and Bunny Felties

Features popup examination table that collapses when book is closed

Interactive Computer screen displays 5 different images and controlled by felt wheel

Pop up Xray booth holds pets secure, has adjustable slider bar, probe and lays flat when book is closed.

Carefully Crafted

-Xray Page features popup 3D Xray Booth with probe and adjustable slider control

-Clock hands can be moved

-Food Bags can be stored in the table and removed

-Exam Room features a felt wheel that can be turned to change the computer screen dispay

-Pop up exam table folds flat when book is closed

-Can put 3 different Xrays in the Xray holder

Plant on the shelf can be touched and is 3D

Aquarium holds a removable turtle

Sick pets can be locked in the Crate for urgent care

Adjust the crate temperature with pull cords to make hot or cold

IV holder flips out for use and holds two different IV bags with needle to administer meds or fluids


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Also get our Exclusive Pet Ambulance. This 3D project is made in the hoop and Felt Pets fit inside! It will not be for sale on our website later on, but you can get it FREE with coupon code:  vetbook


Jess - Texas

My Go to Designer

I've shopped with Planet Applique for over 10 years and have almost all of their designs!

Jess - Texas

Caroline S - Kansas

Keeps Surprising Me!

Planet Applique is different from other designers which is the main reason why I check the site often! There are so many unique and frankly stunning designs. My favorites are the in the hoop!

Caroline S - Kansas

Bailey B - UK

So Generous

I'm always grateful and amazed at the free designs PA gives us when we order. I always look forward to new releases.

Bailey B - UK

Dottie S - Australia

All the Formats

A lot of designer make you choose a machine format when you order, but I'm glad I get them all here because I wont have to reorder since I got a new machine for christmas!

Dottie S - Australia

Kimberly F. - Alabama

Dolls, Dolls Dolls!

I found Planet Applique when a friend told me about their beautiful cloth dolls! I went out and bought am embroidery machine just so I could make them! Now, I'm addicted!

Kimberly F. - Alabama

Cindy S. - July 2021

Cindy S.

I love the designs. They are so easy to follow.

Cindy S. - July 2021

Amber C. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

10 Years

Planet Applique has been a go-to of mine for almost 10 years whenever I need a cute, quality design for any occasion. I’ve never been anything but 100% please with their designs!

Amber C. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama