People Appliques

  • Santas Worker Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Santas Worker Applique

    This absolutely adorable little elf applique design is straight out of Santas Little workshop! His funny little hat and precious pose is priceless and will be an instant head turner at holiday gatherings. Adopt him today and look for his sister too...
  • Cowboy Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Cowboy Applique

    This adorable little cowboy applique is sure to turn a few heads!  He is just so cute and adorable and his little sister is also avilabale!  Grab some other old west themed appliqued and make something sizzling hot!   Hoop Sizes...
  • Knight Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Knight Applique

    This essential knight in shining armor applique design is the perfect centerpiece for your next far and away or dragon slaying sewing mission. And he's so darn cute! Totally irresistable!   Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types...
  • Merlin Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Merlin Applique

    Halloween or fantasy inspired, this cute merlin wizard applique design in unique and hard to find. He'll instantly add a magical touch to your next sewing project!   Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART ...
  • Cowgirl Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Cowgirl Applique

    Giddy Up yall Cowgirls! The Old West has room for the her too! Think of all the fun to be had with this sweet and adorable cowgirl applique design.   Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART  :  ...
  • Jolly Roger Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Jolly Roger Applique

    Aye!  Wouldnt this cute little pirate applique just complete your collection?  He is so adorable and we promise, he poses no immediate danger :)   Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART (coming)...
  • Sleeping Ballerina Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Sleeping Ballerina Applique

    This adorable sleeping ballerina applique is perfect for the tippy toes fairy in your life!  She's been dancing all day and needs to take a break!    Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART (coming)...
  • Army Brat Machine Embroidery Design

    Army Brat

    Stand attention soldier!  Show your appreciation for the men who fight for your country with this adorable army man applique! Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART  :   DST  :  EXP ...
  • Military Pilot Machine Embroidery Design

    Military Pilot

    Show your appreciate for the men who defend your country!  This military pilot applique is adorable for the boy in your life! USA flag goes on last in case you are from another country :) Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types ...
  • Swim Baby Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Swim Baby Applique

    This little baby can swim like a fish!  She loves putting on her goggles and diving in for summer fun! Can be boy or girl colors!  Enjoy!     Hoop Sizes  4x4 ,  5x7 , 6x10 File Types  ART  :  ...
  • Astronaut Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Astronaut Applique

    Tumbling through space and time, this futuristic astronaut is exploring! !  Just think of your grandson's or son's expression as he gets ready to adventure into deep space with his friend by his side. Perfect for blankets, pillows, shirts, the sky...
  • Odd Fairy Applique Machine Embroidery Design

    Odd Fairy Applique

    Need a cute fairy!?  Isnt she just so special with her noodle arms and legs?  An adorable fairy applique to add to your princess or existing fairy collection. Because everyone knows you just cant have too many fairies!   Hoop Sizes...