Winners of the 100 Supply Kits Are:

Customer Name Customer Email
Carol Piscacek cpiscacek@ SHIPPED
Elizabeth Johnson ema1816@  SHIPPED
Laura Berry gwwingrider@ SHIPPED
Brenda DeCook brenda.decook@ SHIPPED
Cynthia Sumpter csumpter@ SHIPPED
cheryl carr cheryl_carr@ SHIPPED
Margaret Foley margaret.foley@m SHIPPED
Robin Kelsey tkcountryfarm@ SHIPPED
Kelly Doyle mascketo@ SHIPPED
Peggy Parker peggyjparker@ SHIPPED
nancy vogler happyascanbei965@ SHIPPED
Lorna Bouchard lornabouchard@ SHIPPED
Margo Bergene Mdnb41@ SHIPPED
Saskia von Sivers saskia@vo SHIPPED
Bobbie White bswhite69@ SHIPPED
Phyllis Schindeldecker phylliss3394@ SHIPPED
Gail Hester kittieluvn@ SHIPPED
liz szabo lizzie1027@ SHIPPED
Pamela Maes maespamelajo@ SHIPPED
Donna Rees drrsplace@ SHIPPED
Pamela Warchol birdland723@ SHIPPED
Dawn Cooley dawncooley@ SHIPPED
Linda Krueger lindak21@ SHIPPED
Jo Ross jo54ross@
Denise Smith dsmithrn653@ SHIPPED
Valerie Aliotta dixiesangelbaby@ SHIPPED
Zentai Monika mail.monika.zentai@SHIPPED
Brandi  Ford bburnham5@SHIPPED
Bethany James bethany.james1110@
Martina Lawall Lawall2811@
Caroline Turpin weluvsoccer@ SHIPPED
Jackie Powell jackie.powell.25@ SHIPPED
Karen Ortiz karen_ortizrojas@SHIPPED
Patricia Castaneda patycastaneda54@SHIPPED
Susan Frith susan.fsofamerica@ SHIPPED
tamara Bartmess aramat91@SHIPPED
debora ybarra deboraybarra@SHIPPED
Shirley Willis shirl0356@SHIPPED
Márcia Ururahy ruizmarcia@suSHIPPED
Ann Whisler AnnEliz5@SHIPPED
Melissa Wisniewski missywisniewski@ SHIPPED
alexandrine stebach brodalex73@SHIPPED
janice Brown janicebrown@SHIPPED
Sharon Whitfield Oursawdustnstitches@ SHIPPED
Teresa Collins tjcollins94@SHIPPED
Sarita Dhue s.dhue@ SHIPPED
Kristi Taylor kwelchel4@ SHIPPED
Connie Clark cmc828@ SHIPPED
Linda Moody etui222013@ SHIPPED
Cynthia Perdue ainsleys_mom@SHIPPED
Holly LaFleche hollylaf@SHIPPED
Barbara Pena lovebitn@ SHIPPED
Morgan Israel morgieporgie3@ SHIPPED
Angelina Kogl angelinakogl@SHIPPED
Betsy Roberts robertsredangus@SHIPPED
twyla m twylam8@SHIPPED
Janna Theriault jnt75@ SHIPPED
Glenda McCrary glenda.mccrary@SHIPPED
Charlene  Ashcraft charleneashcraft@SHIPPED
Kathy Carr taffkat@ySHIPPED
Deana Guardado deana.guardado@SHIPPED
Heather  Helton socksboots2013@SHIPPED
Roxanne Macioci rmacioci@SHIPPED
Cristin Sohm cristinsohm@ SHIPPED
Courtney Nelson courtneydaniel@SHIPPED
Judy Salazar judysal53@SHIPPED
Stacy Gooden stacygh507@SHIPPED
Yonnie Pope ylefty@SHIPPED
Rene Bolton renebolton@SHIPPED
Gloria Stolze cstolze@SHIPPED
Barbara Keith dmm7379@SHIPPED
hilliary tacy simplychiqstyles@ SHIPPED
Melissa Lane munk7702@SHIPPED
Anne Comer TurtleOwl16@SHIPPED
Karen Peets peets@ SHIPPED
Tammy Tinsley ttinsley@ SHIPPED
Debbie Siegwarth grandmasieg@SHIPPED
cindy johnson pittcj17@ SHIPPED
Rosie Glenn rosieglenn0530@SHIPPED
Katy Mayo katy.mayo@SHIPPED
Miroslava Sengova sengovam@
Christi LeBeau LeBeausTreasures@
renee  walk rpw1213@SHIPPED
Judy Lovell illinibirdfanfair@SHIPPED
carrie dyck maddanri@ SHIPPED
Bonnie Krohn bbkrohn@SHIPPED
Kate Mullins katemullins504@ SHIPPED
Lyne Morneau lyne.morneau@
stephanie price playfulcustomcraftsdecor@SHIPPED
Deborah Fillmer deborahfillmer@ SHIPPED
Cindy Harlow mickeytig@SHIPPED
Sheryl Ochoa sts8a@SHIPPED
Myra Rogers myrarog@
Shayla Mckinnon shayla68@SHIPPED
nicole mcgaha isbellnicole@SHIPPED
Jennifer Letz j.n.letz@SHIPPED
Jacque McAlmond jmcalmond@ SHIPPED
Marissa Lee mlee@p SHIPPED
Ashley Burton burton.ashleyb@ SHIPPED


Winners of the 3 Juno Dolls Are:


Carol Jackson guinea.pig.84@
Jane Lefort jelefort@
Jody Claburn jclaburn@



How Random Winners Are Picked At Planet Applique

First we export certain data from ALL orders (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total) from the new website database.

Next we create a brand new blank database on a separate sql server we own through another hosting platform. We then set up the table to contain columns that match those from the export file (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total).

We import the CSV file or export file that we got from our new website into the fresh blank database we created.
We then run a series of SQL commands to make the list relevent to the details of our drawing:
The criteria are:

1) Any order placed from May 28th til June 7th early AM (We extended it slightly to cover time zones making sure everyone had a chance to order after dealing with some issues particular customers faced, trying to login and getting their password reset so that they could order)

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` < #
This deletes all orders that were prior to May 28th, 2018 (and an exact timestamp for the very first order placed that qualified)from the drawing.

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` > #
This deletes all orders that were on our database after June 7, 2018( and an exact timestamp for the very last qualified order which was at 5:00am) from the drawing.

2) Order must be at least $10
DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order total` < 10.00
This deletes all orders that were under $10 from the drawing.

If counting every $10 spent and not just $10 orders then we duplicate every order that is = or > $20...etc for each $10 increment using the REPLICATE and INSERT SQL functions. (We did not count each $10 increment this drawing, just a minimum $10 Order, but had I this is the command I would run)

From there we do a one final SQL command to now select 100 random rows (customers) and display their name and email. We export the results and email winners, post the winners publically for all to see minus sensitive personal info.

SELECT `Customer Name`, `Customer Email` FROM `orders` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 100;

The shipping address used for all winners will be from their payment method, whatever is on your paypal or credit card.

And that's it! That is how winners are selected for our drawings held at Planet Applique. It's very scientific, very nerdy hehe. But it gets the job done efficiently, fairly, and with great results!