Secret Freebie #2: 8 Bonus Dragon Manual Pages

Secret Freebie #2: 8 Bonus Dragon Manual Pages

Sep 7th 2019

When you spend $20 and earn Drako Dragon, Freddie Fish and the Dragon Manual, you also earn the Secret Freebie Bundle! This item will not be for sale on our website ever. You can only get it in the Limited Edition secret bundle available on your order download page. When the Dragon freebies go away and a new set of promos appear, the offer has ended. If you did place an order and you got Drako for free, then you will forever have the secret freebie bundle for download in your account. It will not disappear from your downloads or your account. You keep it forever. You just will not be able to go back and buy it on our website at a later time.

Pages Included:

- Title Page to Personalize

-Rune Decoder Page

- Dragon Tracking Page

- Dragons Breath Color Guide

-4 Pages for 8 Different Tyes of Dragons and their characteristics