Freebie #6 ITH Diaper Bag

Freebie #6 ITH Diaper Bag

Jun 30th 2020

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Make a real diaper bag in the hoop on your embroidery machine! For the 5x7 hoop and up only. We designed a diaper bag to store baby items for a childs doll or for a smaller day bag for mommy and baby! Carefully planned and thought out for the easiest construction, each hooping stitches out super fast. A 40 page tutorial is included to follow along and a detailed measurement guide is also added to prep for ultra fast sewout. If you are more comfortable on a sewing machine and want to save even more time, the last several hoopings could be done on the sewing machine in less than 10 minutes. Interior of the diaper bag contains 6 pockets. On the outside, the front of the bag features a oval label to personalize, or comes standard saying "Baby", as well as a large elastic pocket for storage. On the outside back, you will appreciate the fully lined zipper pouch built in for convenience and storage of more valuable items. Then entire bag is fully lined with no exposed seams. A very rewarding project to make.


5x7 makes a 5.5" Tall x 9"Wide x 2" Deep Diaper Bag

6x10 makes a 8" Tall x 13" Wide x 3" Deep Diaper Bag

8x8 makes a 7" Tall x 10" Wide X 2.5" Deep Diaper Bag

8x12 (shown) makes a 10" Tall x 16.5" Wide x 4" Deep Diaper Bag



Embroidery Machine



Scotch Tape

Medium 1 Sided Fusible Interfacing

Quilters Basting Safety Pins

Small Safety Pin

2 Cotton Print Fabrics


Rectangle Metal Bag Rings

Elastic: 1/4 -1/2" width

Piping, ruffle, Pom Pom, Double Fold Bias Tape, or Lace Trim

Optional: Sticky STabilizer

Optional: Awl

Optional: 8mm Rivets and Plastic Snap Pliers

Optional: Rivet Setting Tool and hammerOptional: Sewing Machine