Freebie #4 ITH Burp Cloths

Freebie #4 ITH Burp Cloths

Jun 30th 2020

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Make burp cloths for your baby dolls or for real babies! All made in the hoop entirely with no machine sewing, no hand sewing, no seam tape! These burp clothes come in two versions: breakfast, lunch and dinner labels. You can choose from a heart shaped label for girls and a circle shaped label for boys. If you would like to customize the labels, you can use our Polina Sketch Font here in the store and insert your own little wording. There are sizes to make for children to use with dolls, but there is a second size set that allows you to make really long burp clothes for real moms to use with children. The burpcloths are also topstitched in the hoop for those who struggle to sew a nice topstitch on a sewing machine.


5x7 hoop makes

4.5" x 7" Doll Sized Burp Cloth OR

4.75" x 12.5" Baby Sized Burp Cloth

6x10 hoop makes

5.75" x 10" Doll Sized Burp Cloth OR

5.75" x 15.25" Baby Sized Burp Cloth

8x8 hoop makes

4.5" x 8" Doll Sized Burp Cloth OR

8" x 15.75" Baby Sized Burp Cloth

8x12 hoop makes

7.5" x 12" Doll Sized Burp Cloth OR

8" x 20.5" Baby Sized Burp Cloth




Stabilizer-Medium Tearaway

Scotch Tape

Cotton Print Fabrics

Cotton Chenille, Terry Cloth or Flannel

Fabric Pen