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Planet Applique Inc

November 2016 Winners

These are the winners of our drawing for the November 2016 Customer Appreciation Event!  We gave away 100 $10 Store Credit to our website!  Congratulations to these 100 winners. Enjoy your $10 Store Credit (Gift Certificate) to Planet Applique!  If you are interested in how our winners are randomly selected, please read about it below!

Natalie Ward    mrsnatalieward@
Melanie McLemore    melanie.ratliff@
Nancy Williams    vwilliams9857@
NOOR HIDAYAH RUGANI    hidayahrugani80@
Andrea Bradberry    abradberry@
Larry MARSHALL    lamarsha@
Bebe Galloway    bebegalloway@
zari ortiz
Cathie Tuzzolino    ctuzz@
charlotte poteet    charzp@
Robin French    RobinF817@
Danell Bain    cadglynn@
Jennifer Twelvetrees    jb@
Joyce ford    jford9831@
Deborah Bowdoin    ddbowdoin@
Heather West    heatherbug@
Donna Nelson    nelson3336@
Jan Burke    granjandesign@
Hannie Leong    adorbee@
Simone Erhardt    himmelblau-landau@

Barbara Collins    cbarbara53@
Dayna Ferguson    daynajofer@
Lisa Lira    kitsu111@
rachel bissell    bissellr@
Daisha Montiforte    goongadoodlez@
johanna brea    miche2013.ruiz@
monique clark    mjarisch@
Sondra Warren    sonwar5@
Kristi Everitt    klovesme2@
Cathy Green    harmony7369@
Mary Anne Myers    maryanne75625@
Sheryl Bowman    sherylbowman7@
Peggy Fulton    pegfulton8181@
amy mccormac    amytucker86@
Julie Hobbs    jchobbs@
Barbara Armstrong    cybercypher@
Shanna Alexander    shannalexander@
Terri Davis    terri.davis.75488@
Susie Breaux    ssbreaux@
Tera Wise    tlhaslem@

lesliann oglesby    leslianno@
judy Purvis    creations_crafts_online@
Dana Forsyth    logansmom8316@
Kay Coley    kayhcoley@
Bonnie Brennan    bonnieskip@
Sandy Fondren    sandyflamingo@
Charlene  Ashcraft     charleneashcraft@
Ellen Maples    Ellenfuente@
Meg Davis    megrdavis23@
Cindy Corcoran    cindy4mandms@
Katrina Mattern    Katrina.mattern@
Brandy Alrashed    kalrashed@
Ashley Hester    momoftripleee@
Vickie Beggs    vickiebeggs@
JENNIFER FERRARA    jennyferrara@
Mary Walker    sosewpicky@
Blondie C Bell    bcbell6@
Kelly Byrd
Adrienne Kirkham    addy_76458@
Lida Ward    Lkayw@

Jordan Odil    argirlfsu@
Jill Meggs    jill.b.meggs@
L Ohl    dooniebopper@
Patricia Malmendier    pattymal@
Ashlee Skinner    amsweeny@
Michelle McDonald    michelle_mcdonald@
sheila howard    sheilahow@
rebecca meaux    beckymeaux@
Tammy Stuart    mstechr@
Suzanne Dawson    smdawson@
Patti Guth    pattiguth@
samantha bull    handmadebysamantha@
Jennifer Breazeale    jenhin424@
Daphne Bailey
Dawn Comeau    dmc543@
Amy Stull    amy_mom2many@
Sharon Timmermann    sft97@
Kristin Kaufmann    kristinkaufmann@
Patty DiBiase    patteekake@
Sue Scott    szqies@

Janet McClain    janetmichele66@
Malinda Buley    keatonandkyliesmom@
Sally Harrison    sallyfharrison@
Bonnie Jeanne Tibbetts    seasonalsewist@
Courtney Placek    courtneyplacek@
Philip Powell    alice@
Margaret Minton    margaretminton@
Michelle Lund    michellejanelund@
Shannon Bradford    southerncharmfelties@
Kimber Reaves    kimberreaves@
Amanda Jones    manderkaye@
Yvonne Buss    ycarringtonbuss@
lisa cooney    lrcooney2003@
Lynn Shields    lynnshields4@
Amy Lambert    amylou417@
Ashley Stevens    astevens1029@
Kristin Slater    slater121804@
brenda mcdowell    blmcdowell1976@
JANICE POPE    jep1947@
amanda timms    uniquelyyougifts@


How Random Winners Are Picked At Planet Applique

First we export certain data from ALL orders (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total) from the new website database.

Next we create a brand new blank database on a separate sql server we own through another hosting platform. We then set up the table to contain columns that match those from the export file (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total).

We import the CSV file or export file that we got from our new website into the fresh blank database we created.
We then run a series of SQL commands to make the list relevent to the details of our drawing:
The criteria are:

1) Any order placed from Nov 1st until Dec 1st (We extended it one day due to massive emails we received and making sure everyone had a chance to order after dealing with some issues particular customers faced, trying to login and getting their password reset so that they could order)

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` < 38156
This deleted all orders that were on our database prior to Nov 1, 2016 from the drawing.

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` > 45830
This deleted all orders that were on our database after Dec 1, 2016 from the drawing.

2) Order must be at least $10
DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order total` < 10.00
This deleted all orders that were under $10 from the drawing.

If counting every $10 spent and not just $10 orders then we duplicate every order that is = or > $20...etc for each $10 increment using the REPLICATE and INSERT SQL functions.

From there we do a one final SQL command to now select 100 random rows (customers) and display their name and email. We export the results and then add the special 10.00 store credit to these customers accounts manually in the new store.

SELECT `Customer Name`, `Customer Email` FROM `orders` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 100;

And that's it! That is how winners are selected for our drawings held at Planet Applique. It's very scientific, very nerdy hehe. But it gets the job done efficiently, fairly, and with great results!