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Planet Applique Inc

June 2017 Drawing Winners

These are the winners of our drawing for the June 2017 Customer Appreciation Event!  We gave away 50 $10 Store Credit to our website!  Congratulations to these 50 winners. Enjoy your $10 Store Credit (Gift Certificate) to Planet Applique!  If you are interested in how our winners are randomly selected, please read about it below!

Carmen Gonzalez    cgonzalez30@   
suryani mustapa    suryanimustapa@  
Chari Fralix    c.r.fralix@   
Tricia Halphen    triciavice@   
Anna Wing    annabee4960@   
Fran Johnston    franjohnston5@   
Jackie Whirl    jackie_whirl@   
Marsha Helton    helton114548@  
Valorie Williamson    valwilliamson@   
Louise Brunet    sewsophia@   
Iris Raby    iris1110@   
Rebecca Short    jimshort_us@  
Deborah Cornwell    deborah_cornwell@   
charlotte poteet    charzp@   
Mary McDuffee             Mkmcduff@   
Jo Ann Crain    jocrain@   
Ouida C Rabon    bamabebes@   
Lois Asay    loisasay@   
Debbie Castlen     djcastlen@   
janet cunningham    jkc64055@   
Cody Benson    antonia.benson@   
Cindie Dillard    cindiedillard@   
angela taylor    dust724sp@   
Stephanie DeWolfe    my74buggie@   
Beth Gill    elizabethanneoriginals@
Bobbi Louviere    coca.colaluvr@   
Anita Fulford    ahfulford@   
lori mckinize    mckinzie0423@   
Alexis Gruver    AStevens1213@   
Donna Murray    donnalynn125@   
jane Roar    enajroar44@   
paola castro    paola_castro@   
ANGIE STOKES    willsma1212@   
Elizabeth Becker    liz.torres.e@   
peggy anderson    pkanderson95@   
Martha Donahue    marthandonahue@   
Lorna Elliott    lorna@   
Charlotte Ousley    cntousley@   
Christina Carlock    Christie.carlock@   
Rose Dedon    roselosavio14@   
tina bartelmay    tbartelmay@   
Deborah Walker    dwalker7778@   
Katy Murphy    ktmurphy@   
Tammy Stuart    mstechr@   
Patricia Cholaj    pcholaj@  
stephanie price    playfulcustomcraftsdecor@   
kim winter    kimahwinter@   
Stephanie English    stephenglish1221@   
Marsha Kerr    provrb31@


How Random Winners Are Picked At Planet Applique

First we export certain data from ALL orders (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total) from the new website database.

Next we create a brand new blank database on a separate sql server we own through another hosting platform. We then set up the table to contain columns that match those from the export file (customer name, email, order number, order date, order total).

We import the CSV file or export file that we got from our new website into the fresh blank database we created.
We then run a series of SQL commands to make the list relevent to the details of our drawing:
The criteria are:

1) Any order placed from Nov 1st until Dec 1st (We extended it one day due to massive emails we received and making sure everyone had a chance to order after dealing with some issues particular customers faced, trying to login and getting their password reset so that they could order)

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` < #
This deleted all orders that were on our database prior to June 20, 2017 from the drawing.

DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order number` > #
This deleted all orders that were on our database after June 30, 2017 from the drawing.

2) Order must be at least $10
DELETE FROM `orders` WHERE `order total` < 10.00
This deleted all orders that were under $10 from the drawing.

If counting every $10 spent and not just $10 orders then we duplicate every order that is = or > $20...etc for each $10 increment using the REPLICATE and INSERT SQL functions.

From there we do a one final SQL command to now select 50 random rows (customers) and display their name and email. We export the results and then add the special 10.00 store credit to these customers accounts manually in the new store.

SELECT `Customer Name`, `Customer Email` FROM `orders` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 50;

And that's it! That is how winners are selected for our drawings held at Planet Applique. It's very scientific, very nerdy hehe. But it gets the job done efficiently, fairly, and with great results!