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Remodeling My Photography Studio

Posted by Rehbecca Lowder on

Part of owning a business means random surprises at every turn.  As much as you can prepare for every aspect of your home business, there will inevitably be some skills that you suddenly learn you have to conquer. For me one of those surprises is photography. I have learned the absolute importance of artistic picture taking. While it wasn't one of those planned business expenses, I have grown to really enjoy this part of the business and have been seeking ways to better myself in this area. 

So since I have so many backgrounds, it has come to my attention that storing these puppies all rolled up is a real pain in the rear. It was take hours if not days to get the curly out of a rolled up backdrop. I had a temporary solution where I just duct taped my backdrop to the wall but this too is not optimal. The duct tape took paint off my wall...oops! So I ordered garage storage hangers off of amazon, the kind that swing so that should I take down my backdrops, the racks can swing laying against the wall and not be jutting out awkwardly just waiting to jump out and womp the kiddos in the face as they bounce gleefully down the stairs.

Next I headed to my local hardware store garden center and bought 12 tomato plant stakes. They come in various lengths! I opted for the 60" version priced at 2 bucks a piece. These seemed ridged enough to to hold my 48" backdrops.

I grabbed hubby's cordless drill, his most prized possession, a tape measure, scissors, a level, a stud finder, duct tape, a pvc pipe cutter, and pencil. I discovered that the wall studs were spaced 16" apart which forced me to reluctantly cut three inches off each backdrop width wise so that they would fit between the newly installed garage racks. I then flipped each backdrop over and created a fold over pocket effect by duct taping a folded section down so that the garden stakes could slide through. Then I hung them ever so cheeky on my racks!!! Now I can just choose a backdrop to be front and foremost by dropping it from its position on the rack and moving it to the front!! No more rolls of backdrops to sort through and more curly aggravations!! I can even lay one on the floor for a backdrop effect and then return it to the rack when my session is finished!

Now the only thing left is to inform my kiddos that the garage rack is not a vice to swing from!! Yes, it would totally happen if I don't threaten their lives! What are you waiting for?? Go make yourself a photography backdrop storage rack!!

Before the backdrop storage:

Children tend to walk on them, trip on them, play with their cars and dolls on them haha! See how the edges curl?

So I enlisted the help of my husband for installing the garage hooks into the studs. 

And to finish it off, we put our oldest to the task of performing the finishing touches. By the way, never pass up an opportunity to TEACH your children a new ability, to use a new tool. One day they will be grown and all those little opportunities will make them a more rounded person.

And here we are AFTER the changes. Look how clean and organized I am now!  

I buy all of my backdrops from

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Remember, the photos you take of your products and projects is the most valuable resource you have. You work so very hard on your appliques, and other things that you have made; why not take a few extra minutes to grab some good photos? It IS what sells the things you have made. In a world where we cannot touch and feel the things we buy, you owe it to your customers to provide clear and expressive photos for online ordering.

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